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About Us

The PROFESSIONAL PIANO PROGRAM offered by Martin Soderberg is designed for the talented young pianist who wants to excel in exams, competitions, auditions and recitals. Besides specialized piano training of the highest level, students and their parents will also receive training on career development through a series of private consultations, workshops and seminars on the subject. Talented young pianists who wish to venture into the performing career need guidance from a professional pianist regarding a number of issues (See my eBook PIANIST). A music career is developed step by step and it is important to know not only what steps to take, but to determine when we are ready to take them.

Participants in this program will have the opportunity to develop their musical talent and performance readiness to concert standard  by regularly performing in my performance classes, master classes as well as other recitals and performance opportunities. Online students from anywhere in the world will enjoy those opportunities as well through live streaming.  

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In the last 40 years, Martin Sodeberg has helped thousands of talented piano students from all over the world become professional pianists as well as successful piano teachers with his own personal approach to teaching piano. (See his eBooks on the subject below, which are available on Amazon)


TUITION (Academic year 2023-2024)

$250 monthly (4 lessons).  30 min 

$325 monthly (4 lessons).  45 min 

$450 monthly (4 lessons).  60 min 



The following eBooks by Martin Soderberg are recommended for the various stages of development of a young pianist:


1. "How to help your child practice piano successfully." Good practice habits are developed in the formative years. This eBook shows parents how they can help build those habits and make piano practice productive and goal oriented.

2. "Pianist". A guide for those young pianists that want to excel in exams, competitions, auditions and recitals. It shows what kind of decisions have to be made by parents and student, and when. The emphasis of this books is teamwork between parents, teacher, student, relatives, friends and various professionals with the common goal to help the young pianist start a successful career.

3. "The Young Music Teacher". A manual for the young musician that does not wish to pursue a performing career, but instead wants to start building a successful private teaching studio. The format of this manual is 40 questions and answers. The reader is prompted to answer each question before he/she reads the author's answer. 

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