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"Love, love, love Dr. Martin. He is always professional, kind, and sweet. It is lovely working with him - we continued our lessons remotely and our daughter kept improving. Would give 10 stars if I could!"

"Martin is a brilliant pianist and amazing at sharing his vast musical knowledge with anyone at any age, and I look up to him with the highest regard. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the lessons and would recommend him to anyone at any age or skill level!"

"Mr. Soderberg can provide the long term goal and instruction professionally. I felt very lucky that my son met Mr. Soderberg at the early stage of his music study."                                 

"I will travel miles to have my thirteen years old son take lessons from Martín Soderberg. He has been teaching my son since he was six years old. I have the privilege to have been his student as well. Any serious student who follows Martín’s advice will surely become a professional musician."           

"Martin is very professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend him!"  

"My two boys have been taking piano lessons with Martin for 5 years now and it has been a wonderful experience. Martin is thoughtful, patient, and always encouraging. He enables children to develop an appreciation and love of music. My boys have also participated in recitals which have added to the experience. Thank you, Martin!"



"My 10 year old daughter has been taking piano lessons for the past three and a half years. Martin agreed to allow me to sit in on the lessons so that I could support her progress at home. He has a deep knowledge of the repertoire and carefully guides piece selection often with the input of the child so that the child’s next piece is in part selected by the child. Martin is patient, giving praise and gentle constructive criticism. He includes tidbits of musical history, musical vocabulary, as well as elements of music theory as the student is ready. Each lesson spirals back to past lessons which helps reinforce previously learned material. He speaks with the child about bringing a piece to performance level and keeping it there in order to build a repertoire of her own. Scheduling lessons is easy and setting up the inevitable make-up lesson is easy as well. We have continued with her lessons remotely via Face Time which has gone remarkably well. I am hoping that remote lessons will become a regular part of her instruction with an occasional in person lesson (when the Covid19 situation resolves itself). This is my fourth child taking music lessons and Martin Soderberg is by far the best teacher we have ever worked with."

"My children, currently ages 13 and 16, have been taking piano lessons from Martin Soderberg.  He has always been able to inspire both of them to love and appreciate music and art, even during the summers through the summer camp. Having 2 teens is challenging, but one thing they agree on is how music is able to bring us even through the most difficult of times. When they play/sing, they summon their emotions and allow them to unfold. It’s a beautiful thing! Thank you, Martin!"  

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