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Martin Soderberg's "A Musical Journey for young audiences" is a fresh, new approach to the presentation of classical piano music with the purpose of helping to create a new generation of piano music lovers. The word "Journey" is used at different levels. First, each musical composition is a journey from the first to the last note as I guide the young listener through each piece. Second, the entire recital is a trip from the first piece to the last, traveling from composer to composer, country to country, period to period, as I create the musical thread that holds it all together. Ultimately, this leads to a more personal, deeper, inner "Musical Journey" that the young listener takes through his/her own enjoyment, appreciation and understanding of the music.

In Martin Söderberg's "A Musical Journey", the young audience is invited to take on an active role by asking questions, making comments, sharing experiences, etc. Each piano piece is introduced with a brief commentary, which includes:

1. Short composer's bio
2. Explaining the piano work
3. Giving the audience a specific assignment or focus point.

Every presentation includes prizes, a raffle, a musical quiz to be taken at the end, as well as a Q & A with the artist, depending on the age and type of audience. It's a short event, lasting 30-45 minutes only, including performance, commentaries and audience participation.

After you attend one of my "Musical Journeys for young audiences" and if your child enjoyed it, please feel free to share this page with friends and potential presenters you may know in schools, museums, libraries, churches, etc. My concerts for kids are free. Voluntary donations are accepted from individual supporters of this project or institutions, which will help create a concert fund for the purpose of presenting these events frequently to young audiences everywhere, especially in underserved communities. For that reason, donations in any amount are greatly appreciated. Institutions or Companies that share my vision of creating a new generation of piano music lovers can become a sponsor with an annual donation and will receive credit in all my programs, website, social media, press releases and promotional materials. 

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