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The Musical Journey

Martin Söderberg's "The Musical Journey" is a fresh, new approach to the presentation of classical piano music. The word "Journey" is used at different levels. First, each musical composition is a journey from the first to the last note. We take this part of the Journey together as I guide the audience through each piece. Second, the entire recital is a trip from the first piece to the last, traveling from composer to composer, country to country, period to period. We also take this part of the Journey together, as I create the musical thread that holds it all together. Ultimately, this leads to a more personal, deeper, inner "Musical Journey"  that each audience member takes through his/her own enjoyment, appreciation and understanding of the music.

In Martin 
Söderberg's "Musical Journey", the audience is invited to take on an active role. Each piano piece is introduced with a 2-3 minute commentary, which includes:

1. Brief composer's bio
2. Explaining the piano work
3. Giving the audience a specific assignment or focus point.

The "Musical Journey", which in this context replaces the word Recital, can include prizes, raffles, a musical quiz to be taken at the end, as well as a Q & A with the artist, depending on the age and type of audience.

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