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          MARTIN SODERBERG is available for professional coachings via SKYPE (sodergonz), FACETIME, ZOOM or other media. Dr. Soderberg's busy schedule includes performances, master classes, recordings as well as a growing number of students worldwide. His unique coachings cover many areas and are intended to help the student not only achieve a complete mastery of the instrument, but a clear understanding of the music career. To Set up a Free Audition/Interview, send email to:


Dr. Soderberg routinely offers Master Classes, Seminars and Workshops on a variety of subjects at Universities, Colleges and Music Conservatories throughout Europe, North and South America, the Caribbean, and Asia. His amiable and entertaining approach to teaching, coupled with his emphasis on technique, interpretation, style, pedal work, etc, has proven invaluable to students of all ages and levels. He welcomes invitations to offer a combination of Master classes, Seminars, and Performances. These activities could occupy one full day or up to three days.


Mr. Soderberg works with students of all ages and levels in preparation for COMPETITIONS, AUDITIONS, RECITALS, EXAMS. A strong emphasis on technical solutions to challenging passages, as well as on a personal interpretation of each piece, has helped hundreds of students from all over the world understand and appreciate new levels and layers of the pieces that they currently play, resulting in a more successful performance of these pieces. Mr. Söderberg continues to coach many of the students that he meets during his travels through Skype (skype name: sodergonz). 


"Martin Soderberg, aside from being an incredible musician whose knowledge of music is just astounding, saved my musical life. At age 20, I was a young jazz pianist who had just come to NYC and was well on my way of getting tendonitis. Martin showed me how to incorporate my arms in a way that maximized the use of gravity. His understanding of touch and sound helped form my approach to playing the piano. He taught me how to trust my own judgement in sound. Thanks Martin, I will always be grateful!"   Benny Lackner (GERMANY)

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